Rust Hacks

Our new Rust Hacks are now available and are loaded with awesome features. Our Rust Hacks include deadly accurate aimbots, no spread/recoil/reload, speed hacks, super jump, beautiful looking ESP with customizable view range, showing you players/animals/pickups, and even waypoint marking! Don't risk getting banned from using other hacks, our Rust Cheats are completely undetected and safe from anti-cheat services. Become a subscriber today and get access to ALL of our other cheats for FREE!

  • Aimbot
  • Instantly take down other players for their loot. Our Rust Aimbot has bone aiming, advanced targeting and with the added bonus of No-Spread and No-Recoil, they won't stand a chance!
  • ESP
  • Our Rust ESP shows you exactly where everything is. It highlights Player/Animals/Pickups and gives you vital information about what they are using, how far away they are and if they are a threat to you! Best of all our ESP looks amazing, unlike other cheats that just cover the screen with cluttered text and lines. Our ESP has optional image icons for animals and pickup locations, and highly customizable so you can choose what you do and do not need to see.
  • Waypoint Markers
  • Want to meet up with your friends on a new server, but can't because you don't know where they are, or find where the heck your home went after raiding for hours? No problem! With this awesome feature you can easily set and share waypoints for all of your important places on the map. Each waypoint can be color coded and easly toggled on or off, and can be set by either using your current location, or by entering in the coordinates to our menu.
  • Speed Hack!
  • Let's face it, the map is HUGE! And getting around takes ages. This awesome feature can turn a 2 hour long hike into minutes! It is highly customizable, so you can either zoom from one side of the map to the other in no time, or set it to where it's barley even noticeable, say if an admin is watching ;)
  • GUI Menu
  • This hack is loaded with features and customizable options, so we added a great looking GUI clickable menu so you can easily customize the hack however you desire. It also has a save/load feature so you can easily load up your previous settings, including waypoints!
  • Undetected!
  • The problem with other hacks(especially public hacks!) is that they get detected all the time! Forcing you to re-purchase the game so you can play again. With our Rust Hack you won't have to worry about that at all. Our hack has the most advanced methods of staying undetected from all anti-cheat services like CheatPunch and VAC and is constantly monitoring them for updates and changes to be sure that no one gets banned.

Full feature list here

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